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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spotted!Sharifah Nur in Keduts Collection

salam darlings!
crumpled hijabs / shawl kedut whatever people called is the in thing nowadays.it's easy, simple & stylish!you don't have to iron the tuds (yea! for lazy people like me ;p ).
double yea! that you can find this tuds here! at Tuds & Scarffes
with different colour tone and design in limited pieces.
to add, it's made from high quality cotton material, nipis dan selesa.memang lagi best nak pergi jalan2 tengok MAHA ke JOM HEBOH ke.. ;p
even celebs wear this type of tuds!aww!kalau kita pakai kita macam celebrities.

*our Keduts Wrap from Keduts Collection. get it at Tuds & Scarffes!*

spotted! one of the celebs, Sharifah Nur, tv9 host wore keduts wrap.cantik dan stylo mylo kan? :D

*picture credited to brokenterompah.blogspot.com*

Happy Shopping darlings!

love, najard :)

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