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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

new cook on the block!

Salam darlings!

I have something delicious to share with u..jeng jeng jeng..Its a new cook on the block!


This is a very dear friend of mine,just starting her online business selling homemade, halal mouth-watering delicacies. They dont just look good, but taste great on your taste bud! *trust me I've tasted her air tangan'. 
OMNOMNOM :D these chocs i ordered during raya.kalah semua biskut raya!
this is perfect for birthday party goodies.kids surely love it!
OH INI X BOLEH TAHAN.buah segar, dia punya 'karung' ni crispy.isi dia lembut sedapppp
this is one of the designs.u can customized whatever design u want.dia pakar nak buat design,malas nak ambil gambar je.rugi2 ;p

I recommend this to you as the designs are simple but very nice. On top of that, her selling price is much cheaper than other blogs! It's a real deal, so what are you waiting for, give it a try and indulge yourself with what your tummy crave!

love sweets,
Tuds & Scarffes :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

we have been reviewed!

salam darlings :)
first n foremost, kami ingin mengucapkan selamat tahun baru 1432 hijrah kepada semua kawan2 tercinta :)
so apa azam tahun baru ni?hope kita sentiasa murah rezeki, panjang umur dan diberkati!amin...

tahun baru, azam baru..Tuds & Scarffes sangat2 menghargai ada juga kawan2 yg baik hati nak review Tuds & Scarffes!
truly honoured & super happy!
THANKS A BUNCH TO 'TEROPONG SHAWL' sebab sudi review website kami.
sangat terharu :)

Teropong Shawl ni one of stylish reviewers yang review tudung2 cun n hot masa kini.so siapa2 yg nak tahu, tinggal bukak je blog ni..haa..semua update boleh tahu.senang kan sekarang?
sekali lagi kami nak ucapkan banyak2 terima kasih sebab spend ur precious time to write about us.we appreciate it so much!

dengan rasa rendah diri nak bagitau, siapa2 yang ada blog ke, facebook ke, yg tulis pasal kami, (hopefully it's a good one ;p) akan dapat surprise gift from us :D *woot!woot!*

thanks so much darlings!happy shopping!lalala :)

love, najard
Tuds & Scarffes

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spotted!Sharifah Nur in Keduts Collection

salam darlings!
crumpled hijabs / shawl kedut whatever people called is the in thing nowadays.it's easy, simple & stylish!you don't have to iron the tuds (yea! for lazy people like me ;p ).
double yea! that you can find this tuds here! at Tuds & Scarffes
with different colour tone and design in limited pieces.
to add, it's made from high quality cotton material, nipis dan selesa.memang lagi best nak pergi jalan2 tengok MAHA ke JOM HEBOH ke.. ;p
even celebs wear this type of tuds!aww!kalau kita pakai kita macam celebrities.

*our Keduts Wrap from Keduts Collection. get it at Tuds & Scarffes!*

spotted! one of the celebs, Sharifah Nur, tv9 host wore keduts wrap.cantik dan stylo mylo kan? :D

*picture credited to brokenterompah.blogspot.com*

Happy Shopping darlings!

love, najard :)

Friday, December 3, 2010


Salam darlings!
kami ada berita best untuk semua!dengan pembelian rm50 keatas, anda dapat free shipping!jom2!
let's shop with Tuds & Scarffes!

love u lots,

Tuds & Scarffes :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

share the happiness :)

just wanna share my happiness to u.

thanks to mak abah, sisters n all the friends n not to forget the gorgeous customers for supporting & doa :)
ps:we're updating new tuds!do check it out at our WEBSITE

love u loads!! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

everyday sales!

salam lovely customers!
we are having EVERYDAY SALES!
exclusive for our facebook fans only!
keep updated with us by becoming our fans!
bet u don't wanna miss it :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

brand new and pre-loved again!

salam darling! heyloo :)
hope everyone is great.
Tuds & Scarffes has updated with loads of pre-loved stuffs :) so check it out yaww!totally worth every cent
as i'm growing older and bigger ..*cries* i would let go some of the stuffs in my closet
(sayang tapi kalau x muat macam mana.nanti macam sarung nangka.hukhuk ;p )

+pre-loved blouse
+wore a few times
+condition:4/5 (no hole,nothing defect.flawless)
+letting go simply cause i want to change the whole closet :)
+colour: as shown in picture (please click additional image)
+size:UK 2


rm 39
this was a really smart shirt.cutting is perfect (err..for an S size la kan..) huu
thus, totally sarung nangka for me.can't fit anymore *sobs*
the price at Zara was rm169

let go for only rm169 rm39

+pre-loved top
+wore a few times
+bought at Zara rm169 (letting go for only rm39.amazing enough? :) )
+condition:4/5 (no hole,nothing defect.flawless)
+letting go cause i don't fit this shirt anymore.have to change the whole closet cause i become fatter now *cries* huhu
+colour: checkered : red, navy blue, beige
+size:Euro S | US S |Mex 26
+brand Zara TRF


yes, this is totally my favourite. i always walk in front of Topshop to look at this shirt.i simply love it!country look and super cool colour + design. after saving money (x mampu ye saya orang biasa ;p ) and finally i can afford to buy it.huh.n that's why it is much expensive compared to Zara Check Shirt even the price is cheaper than the Zara shirt.simply because i love this shirt.let go cause i have to change the closet.dah besar kan..kena beli baju orang besar ;p

bought at Topshop rm159
selling for rm59

+pre-loved top
+wore a few times
+bought at Topshop rm159 (letting go for only rm59.amazing enough? :) )
+condition:4/5 (no hole,nothing defect.flawless)
+i don't want to let go actually.this is the most fav shirt.but have to change the closet with more adult-like clothes.but still,loving it :)
+the shirt is so smart.country-like shirt.cutting is perfect with woody design button
+material:100% cotton
+colour: checkered :dark brown, light brown, navy blue, beige
+size:Euro 34 | US 2 |UK 6
+brand Topshop


rm 25

+brand new item
+never worn.bought because I wanted to wear at work.but never wear it and decide to let go
+size: free size.suit S - L
+colour: grey with black lining



+pre-loved top
+worn a few times
+colour: base offwhite | love design:yellow & green & blue | collar & sleeve line:green
+size:UK 6 | Euro 34
+brand Dorothy Perkins


rm249 rm 39

spotted!Nana Era FM dj wore this top for the Era "KENA KANTOI" billboard :)

+pre-loved top
+wore a few times
+bought at Guess rm249 (letting go for only rm39.amazing enough? :) )
+condition:2/5 (not for fussy buyer)
+letting go cause i don't fit this shirt anymore.have to change the whole closet cause i become fatter now *cries* huhu
+colour: stripes black, grey | Guess print: pink
+brand Guess

*Pre-loved means that I have worn the clothes*
*Brand new means I never worn the clothes*

happy shopping!lalala
loves. najard :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

featured product: Najard's Abaya - SOLD-

SOLD.thanks so much darling!najard jual ye :)


salam darling:) hope everything is great! this is the first time Tuds & Scarffes selling preloved item.
totally worth ur penny :)

bought: rm280 (dress & beading)
letting go only rm150

side view

front view

+preloved item
+wore ONCE.at friend's wedding.
+letting go cause i know i won't wear it again.baju glamour.beli pun sebab dress code: dress :)
+condition: 5/5
+bought at ampang park for rm249.addition of beading hantar tailor
+beading: grey, purple, turquoise
+size: 36 (s-m)
+length: 165cm
+material: high quality chiffon silk with lining
u can get this lovely dress at tuds.lot.my

loves. najard :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010


assalamualaikum :)
heyyhoo!!sorry ampun maaf najard lama sangat dah x update.cuti raya seronok sangat kan.hihi.
lagi satu, sebelum raya lah internet nak buat hal..sobs.. :( ..so dikesempatan ini najard nak susun sepuluh jari mintak ampun dan maaf sekiranya najard ada buat silap kat customer najard yang budiman ni..i am just a normal person and a person do make mistakes.harap 0-0 ye :D

lagi satu, kalau ada sesiapa yang najard x reply lagi email tu, kalau nak tudung tu lagi, mintak jasa baik hantar lagi skali email.sorrryyyyy sgt :( tapi najard dah x dpt keep track mana yang order tu.cause memang byk yg tertinggal.sebagai tanda mintak maaf, semua tudung yang diorder sebelum raya/after raya yang sampai sekarang najard x reply lagi, dapat

2. 10% discount (tapi yang sale x dapat la ye.hehe)

hope dgn ni semua dapat maafkan najard.sobs..(x tau nak buat apa dah.huuu ;( )

thank u darling :)


banyak pulak cakap kan.hehe.tujuan utama najard tulis post ni sebab

Tuds & Scarffes dah ada website baru!!!

wah!gembira2..hehe.dah lama najard nak website yang ada shopping cart, personal account, yg automatic  generate email sendiri, n yang boleh reply immediately.haa..ni paling penting!so darling2 sekalian bolehlah terus dapat confirmation barang yang nak dibeli tu ada ke x.kurang satu masalah besar dah!yahoo:D

kepada yang x biasa dgn cara macam ni, yela sebab memang dah biasa dgn cara isi form tu, website ni lagi la senang!x payah nak tulis balik code2 barang tu.tinggal click 'add to cart' je.xpe2, nanti najard ajar kat sini ye!

How to shop at tuds.lot.my

1.type kat url http://tuds.lot.my

2. scroll sampai bawah.tengok2 la dulu satu blog.bagi mesra2.hehe.
kat bawah sekali ada tulis latest products.tu yang najard baru upload.tapi boleh je tekan mana2 yang suka kalau nak tengok lagi banyak.lagi satu, kalau nak tengok semua, klik 'view all products'

3. tekan je mana2 produk yang berminat, nanti akan keluar yang macam bawah ni.biar najard explain satu2 ye :)

price: tu harga yang najard letak
availability: ni nak tau produk tu available ke x. kalau 'in stock' maksudnya ada lagi.tapi kalau 'out of stock', produk tu memang dah x boleh order.kalau tekan dia akan masuk cart jugak tapi last2 x boleh continue.sebab memang dah sold out.
kalau jadi macam ni, tapi anda semua nak jugak beli, jangan malu2 email najard ye.senang je..pergi tekan 'contact us'
pastu terus cakap apa2 yang nak.nak pre-order ke, tanya najard apa2 ke.ok?:)

4. haa..dah lepas tekan 'add to cart', terus produk tu akan masuk dalam shopping cart kita.dan akan keluar macam ni

5.teruskan ber-shopping..tekan 'add to cart' je kalau nak item tu ye.lepas tu, kalau nak tengok kita dah beli apa, klik kat ' shopping cart'. dah puas shopping, klik kat 'check out'.nanti akan keluar macam ni

6. ada dua choice kan.satu 'New Customer' n satu lagi ' Returning Customer'. buat masa sekarang semua masih lagi 'New Customer', so boleh la tekan yang tu..nanti akan keluar macam ni

x susah tinggal isi je.website ni lagi senang tau.isi sekali je.lain2 kali beli tinggal log in je n kita ada personal account kita sendiri.x payah nak tulis byk kali alamat semua.kalau nak tukar alamat pun tinggal edit je personal account kita.macam ni

Jangan risau.x ada sesiapa yang akan ambil personal details yang anda semua bagi.ni khas untuk Tuds & Scarffes n customer yang gorgeous saje :)

7. lepas dah buat semua, kalau nak tengok apa yang kita order dan proceed buat bayaran, tinggal tekan 'view your order history'. nanti keluar macam ni

tu alamat yang anda semua bagi tadi.kalau rasa nak tukar barang yang nak dipos tu, tekan 'change address'.
kalau nak bagitau najard apa2 pasal order tu, tulis je kat ruang kosong tu.pastu klik 'continue'

8. pastu keluar skrin macam ni.

anda semua bolehlah pilih nak maybank/cimb clicks.cash on delivery tu memang x buat.tapi kena bgtau najard sendiri, kat kotak bawah tu nak jumpa ke apa ye.but most of the time, memang x ada.sorry darling :(
lepas tu klik 'continue'

9. dah habis tu akan keluar semua details: alamat, nak bayar guna apa, total berapa,semua la macam ni,lepas tu klik 'confirm order'. ni memang confirm tau.bukan nak tanya2 atau apa2.hehe

10.lepas tu keluar macam ni.tekan 'view order history' dan akan keluar order kita yang x bayar lagi tu.kat sini klik 'submit payment proof' bila dah bayar.perlu submit payment proof ye.ini agak mudah sebab nanti dah x payah cakap dengan najard anda semua dah bayar.hehe.najard akan tau juga :)

11.lepas dah submit..tadaa!semua urusan dah selesai.mudah kan?x payah la nak tunggu2 najard cakap ok ke, x ke, baru nak proceed.ni awal2.kalau dah 2nd/3rd time lagi senang.x payah nak isi2 semua.

sangat appreciate anda semua dapat baca instruction sampai bawah!TERIMA KASIH SAYANG2 :D

jadi apa lagi, jom shopping kat

much love,
Tuds & Scarffes :)


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