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Friday, October 22, 2010

brand new and pre-loved again!

salam darling! heyloo :)
hope everyone is great.
Tuds & Scarffes has updated with loads of pre-loved stuffs :) so check it out yaww!totally worth every cent
as i'm growing older and bigger ..*cries* i would let go some of the stuffs in my closet
(sayang tapi kalau x muat macam mana.nanti macam sarung nangka.hukhuk ;p )

+pre-loved blouse
+wore a few times
+condition:4/5 (no hole,nothing defect.flawless)
+letting go simply cause i want to change the whole closet :)
+colour: as shown in picture (please click additional image)
+size:UK 2


rm 39
this was a really smart shirt.cutting is perfect (err..for an S size la kan..) huu
thus, totally sarung nangka for me.can't fit anymore *sobs*
the price at Zara was rm169

let go for only rm169 rm39

+pre-loved top
+wore a few times
+bought at Zara rm169 (letting go for only rm39.amazing enough? :) )
+condition:4/5 (no hole,nothing defect.flawless)
+letting go cause i don't fit this shirt anymore.have to change the whole closet cause i become fatter now *cries* huhu
+colour: checkered : red, navy blue, beige
+size:Euro S | US S |Mex 26
+brand Zara TRF


yes, this is totally my favourite. i always walk in front of Topshop to look at this shirt.i simply love it!country look and super cool colour + design. after saving money (x mampu ye saya orang biasa ;p ) and finally i can afford to buy it.huh.n that's why it is much expensive compared to Zara Check Shirt even the price is cheaper than the Zara shirt.simply because i love this shirt.let go cause i have to change the closet.dah besar kan..kena beli baju orang besar ;p

bought at Topshop rm159
selling for rm59

+pre-loved top
+wore a few times
+bought at Topshop rm159 (letting go for only rm59.amazing enough? :) )
+condition:4/5 (no hole,nothing defect.flawless)
+i don't want to let go actually.this is the most fav shirt.but have to change the closet with more adult-like clothes.but still,loving it :)
+the shirt is so smart.country-like shirt.cutting is perfect with woody design button
+material:100% cotton
+colour: checkered :dark brown, light brown, navy blue, beige
+size:Euro 34 | US 2 |UK 6
+brand Topshop


rm 25

+brand new item
+never worn.bought because I wanted to wear at work.but never wear it and decide to let go
+size: free size.suit S - L
+colour: grey with black lining



+pre-loved top
+worn a few times
+colour: base offwhite | love design:yellow & green & blue | collar & sleeve line:green
+size:UK 6 | Euro 34
+brand Dorothy Perkins


rm249 rm 39

spotted!Nana Era FM dj wore this top for the Era "KENA KANTOI" billboard :)

+pre-loved top
+wore a few times
+bought at Guess rm249 (letting go for only rm39.amazing enough? :) )
+condition:2/5 (not for fussy buyer)
+letting go cause i don't fit this shirt anymore.have to change the whole closet cause i become fatter now *cries* huhu
+colour: stripes black, grey | Guess print: pink
+brand Guess

*Pre-loved means that I have worn the clothes*
*Brand new means I never worn the clothes*

happy shopping!lalala
loves. najard :)

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