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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

featured product: Najard's Abaya - SOLD-

SOLD.thanks so much darling!najard jual ye :)


salam darling:) hope everything is great! this is the first time Tuds & Scarffes selling preloved item.
totally worth ur penny :)

bought: rm280 (dress & beading)
letting go only rm150

side view

front view

+preloved item
+wore ONCE.at friend's wedding.
+letting go cause i know i won't wear it again.baju glamour.beli pun sebab dress code: dress :)
+condition: 5/5
+bought at ampang park for rm249.addition of beading hantar tailor
+beading: grey, purple, turquoise
+size: 36 (s-m)
+length: 165cm
+material: high quality chiffon silk with lining
u can get this lovely dress at tuds.lot.my

loves. najard :)

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