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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hana tajima style

salam darlings!it's 11.1.11.what a great date!hope u have a great day! :D
talking about hijab fashion, Hana Tajima is one of the fashionista and a trend setter,for her simple,fresh yet classy style!
pendek kata, dia cantik pakai apa pun.sarung paper bag tesco pun sure dia cantik!hehe;)

picture credit to hana tajima tumblr

speaking of that, we love her new (for us ;) ) tuds' style.najard has tried,but people said, 
"najard, x cantik la.maybe because u're not Hana Tajima" urgh.*cries* 
hehe.whatever, we just want to share with u darlings, how to wear the new hijab.we are sure that u have already seen this, but we just reaaaaally want to share.sharing is caring kan :)

try it!sure u look pretty like Hana Tajima!najard already tried, it's comfortable.but....not really suit her.muka bulat ada double triple chin.hehe

good luck gorgeous!


oh by the way, we are thankful to Allah, for rezeki that He give to us. a good start for 2011, that we were called for interview with Utusan Malaysia. for our products and business.thanks to Lot.my who give us platform to do our business :D 
and BIG HUGE GAZZILLION thanks to all of u.yes!u! U! U! U! (pointing to u :D ) for supporting us and pray for our success.insyaAllah, with ur support, we will improve our business and serve the best for u!insyaAllah amin..

take care!ingatlah orang tersayang!muahh!!love u loads :D

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