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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

we wanna look hot like Rozita Che Wan!

salam darlings :) we are now having our section of 'WE WANNA LOOK HOT' like celebrities!and we are welcoming you to send us any of celebrities that you wanna be hot like!
today we wanna talk about Rozita Che Wan.she's super hot,not wearing/wearing hijabs.anyone seen the drama series 'Aku Terima Nikahnya' at astro oasis?at this drama, Rozita Che Wan wearing hijab.and this kinda hijab is quite new-at that time, until now become fashion for muslimah,for its trendy,gorgeous and flexibility,that can mix and match with different colours of inner.so one hijab(tudung rozita che wan), can use for many times and people won't recognize that it is the same hijab that we are wearing.hehe.jimat! :) so here are some of the pictures of Rozita Che Wan wearing the hijab.
Tudung Rozita Che Wan

tadaa!we also have the SAME HIJAB as Rozita Che Wan's and you can get it at tudscarf.com.wah!memang boleh nampak macam Rozita Che Wan gituu ;p
but we mix the chiffon outer layer with dark green inner.so the colour of apple green chiffon layer here looks darker.

we are so in love with this type of hijab that we are looking for it!and yes!as we expected, the hijab is our topselling hijab.alhamdulillah, most of our customers satisfied with our rozita che wan hijab as the material is high quality,it's material from Gulati's -opps!bocor rahsia ;p 

selamat berfesyen dan menjadi hot seperti Rozita Che Wan!

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  1. klu la paki tudung sampai2 bile kan bagus rozita



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